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Art and creativity has always been a huge driving force in my life.

I was raised in Galway, by the wild Atlantic.  Art was my favourite and all consuming subject in school.  From a very early age, I doodled non stop during school hours & then some more after school hours. I read books and comics voraciously. 

On finishing secondary school, I went on to study Amenity Horticulture in the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, pursuing my other great passion for plants; and then Illustration at the Academia D’Illustrazione di Roma, Italy.  I now live in Dundalk with my husband and baby, where I work freelance as an Illustrator and garden Designer and run comic book workshops for young people and children.

Sophie Coyle Illustration

Books & Comics

I loved the illustrations of Quentin Blake growing up; the airiness and life he could bring to a scene with a few quick pen and ink lines and vibrant, spare use of colour added to the story without taking over the role of the reader's imagination. This is what I strive to achieve in my children's book illustrations.


Show what your business property has to offer and give your customers something to take home with them to remember their experience by. A map is a great addition to your business and saves your staff time when it comes to explaining directions. I specialise in creating maps for tourist destinations such as country homes and gardens, parks, hotels, historic villages and festivals.

Workshop Facilitator

I offer comic book workshops to children, teenagers and adults, for afternoon sessions or spread out over a series of weeks. These are a great way to build group dynamics, to help people share their stories and to improve on creative skills.


Commemorate special occasions with a personalised illustration. It makes a truly unique present to celebrate a big birthday, a retirement, award ceremonies, you name it! I work from the client's photos, sent on by post or email, and capture the event in pen and ink and vibrant watercolour.

Album Covers

From my personal experience as a musician, I know how important it is to have the right album cover image to represent your music and get the desired message across. I aim to capture the essence of your music in a unique and creative way and set you apart from other musicians. A beautiful image is a great selling point and is often all it takes to encourage a potential buyer to make the purchase.

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